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HallaCast MiniCast #1: Important Announcement!!
March 31, 2008 07:12 PM PDT

VERY IMPORTANT HALLACAST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! This is exciting, and it's been a long time coming, so listen up!!!

HallaCast #6: Four Whole Hosts (LIVE!)
March 29, 2008 09:36 PM PDT

On March 29th, 2008, HallaCast went live for the first time! And now, for those of you who couldn't make it, we're posting the total disaster that followed. winking

-We said we wouldn't be informal again. We are such liars.
-VL's very professional intro. In case you missed the pre-show, it involved scissors, iPods, and speakers.
-We NEED you D.E!
-A new section on HallaStar - for essays!
-Fanfic Corner: "Within the Songs of Life" by Defying.Expectations
-"We're having Fralf issues."
-VL still types loud. VERY loud.
-Skype died, again.
-A spontaneously live Quillan Games! The winner: Cameron!
-Last week's QG winner: muggle68
-Cameron admits his deep hatred for Microsoft on live radio.
-Circle of Klee: Saint Dane
-Cameron and AMG join VL and Fralf for the exit segment

-muggle68 for winning the Quillan Games!
-Cameron and AMG for helping out hosting!
-D.E for her fan fiction, "Within the Songs of Life". (Check out the rest of her work at

Many thanks to TalkShoe for hosting our show!

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